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Inclusive Sports Day May 21st 2024

Sports are hailed as the ultimate boost to well-being and as social facilitator. But what if you cannot 'just' join the local sports team?

This day is exploring the topic by being all about social security in sports spaces: and about who can safely access and navigate those spaces.

During the day, there will be workshops for anyone to just up and try a sport they haven't tried before, and to reflect on the context it emerged from.

The late afternoon will leave room for questions and discussion, with a common dinner after which our rich panel will share their experiences and open the floor for your questions.

So mark your calendars, May 21st will be a day of exploration and reflection.

What: Sportsday

When: May 21st 2024

Where: Clinics at the sportscentre SC2; dinner and panel discussion in Designlab LEARN-X

Costs: free. Registration required for the clinics and dinner.

For whom: everyone