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Concrete Canoe Race 2024

On May 11, 2024, it's finally happening: the Concrete Canoe Race returns to Enschede, organized by a dedicated committee from ConcepT, with support from Construct. This spectacular event will take place at the university's water sports complex, where the races will run from 9 am until approximately 5 pm.

Following the successful 2017 edition (see photos), significant progress in techniques has been made, especially in the areas of 3D printing, weight reduction, and aerodynamics. We eagerly anticipate the presentations of the BetonBrouwers, hoping that our own team will clinch the prizes.

As in previous years, there are three classifications: men's, women's, and mixed, with three respective distances of 50 meters, 100 meters, and 200 meters. Prizes are up for grabs in each of these categories. This year, we also have an innovation prize, which will be awarded to the team with the most inventive and innovative canoe. Additionally, there will be a separate race where teams will have to use their canoe in a surprising way - the details of this will remain a secret for now.

All alumni are warmly invited to participate in this thrilling day. Come by and enjoy a drink at the bar while watching the races. In the evening, we'll wrap up the event with an open party in the city.