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Data-based decision making has become increasingly important within secondary education. The theory behind this line of thought is that all the information available within the school system should not only be used for external accountability but also to improve education. Experience shows that, only far too often, little use is being made of all the information that is available at schools. Data-based decision making seems to be a marvelous concept, but how can one implement this concept in a practical way? The project ‘Datateams’ of the University of Twente aims to do just that: to support schools to implement data-based decision making into their daily practice at school.

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Latest news

Data team conference in Sweden

Kommunförbundet Skåne organized a data team (analysgrupper in Swedish) conference in Malmo on September 26. At this conference 12 data teams, who started working with the data team® procedure a year ago, gathered and shared their knowledge. ... read more

Data teams in Sweden

In Sweden there is a lot of interest in the data team® procedure. At the moment, 13 teams Swedish teams are working according to the data team procedure. These teams are working on solving educational problems in the cognitive domain (e.g., low student achievement). ... read more

Meeting the State Secretary for Education, Culture and Science

School leader Christel Wolterinck from Marianum and Cindy Poortman, University of Twente, visited Sander Dekker on March 17th 2016. ... read more

Sustainability symposium ICSEI Glasgow

At the ICSEI conference in Glasgow (January 2016) we organized a symposium about the sustainability of the datateam® procedure. Kim Schildkamp started with an introduction about the procedure and our perspective on sustainability. ... read more