Research at the Laboratory of Mechanical Automation (MA), of the University of Twente aims at the design and development of controlled mechanical and manufacturing systems.This multi-disciplinary research focuses on technologies that enhance performance of high-tech equipment, such as machining systems for laser materials processing, smart mounts for vibration isolation in precision machinery and MEMS-based precision manipulators.

Substantial support is obtained from external sources like the European Community, the Dutch programs Point-One and High Tech Factory and M2i (Materials Innovation Institute). Research forms part of the activities organised in the National Research schools DISC (Dutch Institute of Systems and Control) and EM (Engineering Mechanics).

Research Chairs

The group op Laboratory of Mechanical Automation and Mechatronics is divided in three research chairs. While sharing some common interests, the chairs have their own key areas, mentioned below.

The Chair of Automation & Control is headed by R.G.K.M. (Ronald) Aarts.

The main activities of this chair include:

  • (micro) Mechatronic systems
  • Control system design
  • Vibration control

The Chair of Design of Mechanisms and Robotics is headed by J.L. (Just) Herder.

The main activities of this chair include:

  • Robotics
  • Active and passive dynamic balancing of mechanisms
  • Flexure mechanisms

The Chair of Applied Laser Technology is headed by G.R.B.E. (Gert-willem) Römer.

The main activities of this chair include:

  • Laser micro machining
  • Improvement of the real time control of processes of laser cladding and welding


The University of Twente has a repository with publications for download, but this might not include the most recent publications of our group. If you are looking for the complete list, please go to our publication repository with all items.