Data Science and Smart Services (DS3)

The Data Science and Smart Services (DS3) master specialization connects the important fields of data science and smart services via information systems. In this master specialization you will get acquainted with and work on the following topics: big data, data analytics, information inference, context-aware applications, smart services. With data science, one learns how to dig for value in data by analyzing various data sources. With service engineering, one learns how to design services that effectively use system capabilities to satisfy user needs and requirements. Information systems that can use the results of data science to get more value out of data and become context-aware may turn traditional services into smart services. We already see applications of this in various domains such as pervasive health, well-being, intelligent transportation, logistics, and business intelligence.

Programme mentor

Maurice van Keulen, programme mentor M (Maurice) van Keulen. Room: Zilverling 2013; Phone: 53 489 3688; Email:

The Service, Cybersecurity and Safety (SCS) group and the Database (DB) group are jointly responsible for the DS3 master specialization. The DS3 master specialization is related to the Twente Graduate School programme on Services Science. Students from DS3 can participate in the Services Science programme once they are admitted and comply with the additional constraints as described in:

Course programme

Basic courses:

192320111           -               Architecture of Information Systems

192652150           -              Service-oriented architecture with web services

201200044           -              Managing Big Data

201400174           -              Data Science


Advanced courses, 25-45 EC:

191520751           -              Graph Theory (Grafentheorie)

191800770           -              Empirical Research & Data Analysis

192110940           -              Secure Data management

192135450           -              Advanced Design of Software Architectures - Model Driven Engineering

192160400           -              Information Retrieval

201600070           -              Introduction to Machine Learning

201600071                           Advanced Machine Learning

192320220           -              Advanced Architecture of Information Systems

192320501           -              Electronic Commerce

192320820           -              Design Science Methodology

192340041           -              Software Management

201300074           -              Research Experiments with Data and Information Retrieval

201500527           -              Capita selecta DS3

Elective courses:

201200148           -              International Study Tour

192199968           -              Internship

Other courses chosen from any specialization to obtain the minimally required number of 120 credits


Mandatory (45 EC):

191612680           -              Computer Ethics (5 EC)

192199508           -              Research Topics (10 EC)

192199978           -              Final Project (30 EC)