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Reinoud Joosten

Dr. Reinoud Joosten

University of Twente

Faculty of Behavioural Management and Social Sciences

Dep. Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems

P.O. Box 217

7500 AE Enschede

The Netherlands

Room: RA 3349 (Ravelijn)

Tel: (+31 53 489)3349

E-mail: r.a.m.g.joosten(a)



Ph.D. Maastricht University (MERIT), 1996.

Thesis : Dynamics, Equilibria, and Values.

Supervisors : Hans Peters, Koos Vrieze, Frank Thuijsman.

Master’s Degree Econometrics, Tilburg University, 1989.

Thesis : A variable dimension restart algorithm for the computation of
economic equilibria using n(n+1) rays.

Supervisor : Dolf Talman.

Didactic Degrees

Oefenmeester (Training/Coaching/Managing) A, B (1994, 1998), (NBB: Dutch Basketball Assoc. under Ministerial supervision).

University Teacher’s degree courses.

Working with Groups of International Students (2005).

Dutch Basketball Association Masterclass 2011, ‘Crossing borders’, developing talents for international competition.

‘Expert’ Dutch Basketball Association (NBB) 2013.

Gymnasium-β St. Janscollege, Hoensbroek, The Netherlands, 1980.




Economics: micro, resource & environmental economics, industrial organization, general equilibrium theory, development economics.


Game theory: stochastic games, cooperative games, evolutionary game theory.


Finance: real options theory, non-expected utility.


Other: social dilemmas, dynamic systems, computation and equilibrium programming, operations research, mathematical biology, input-output analysis, and Markov chains.



Fall: Microeconomics (191860651), UTwente.

Summer: TOM Project Civil Engineering, UTwente.

Winter: Special Topics (201200138), UTwente.
Cost Management & Engineering MSc (201400244), UT.
Cost Management & Engineering - Foundations (194110140), UT.
Cost Management & Engineering – External Private Domain, (194110130), UT.
Minor: Study Trip Japan Bachelor Students, UTwente.


Fall: Microeconomics (191860651), UTwente.
Theme course minor International Management & Exploration (201300148), UTwente.

Summer: Business Game (186060), UTwente.

Spring: TOM Project Civil Engineering, UTwente.
Analysis of the environment of the firm (411003), UTwente.

Winter: Cost Management & Engineering– Foundations (194110140), UT.
Cost Management & Engineering– External Private Domain, (194110130), UT.



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Strong and weak rarity value: resource games with complex price-scarcity relationships, DOI: 10.1007/s13235-015-0136-4, Dynamic Games & Applications, 2015.

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Landelijk Netwerk Mathematische Besliskunde, Koninklijke Nederlandse Vereniging van Staathuishoudkunde, Game Theory Society.


Supervision of 95 Master Thesis Projects as first (40) or second supervisor (55), as well as 30 Bachelor Thesis Projects as first (22) or second (8) supervisor.

Advisory Editor Journal of Evolutionary Economics, Springer Verlag.

Program coordinator Minor Economie, Bedrijf & Beleid: 2012-2014.

Teacher LV& S, Tilburg University 2006-2010 (part-time).

Van der Heijde belasting- en bedrijfsadviseurs, Maastricht, 2007.

Member Firm First Aid Team (BHV) 2015-present.

Expert Dutch Basketball Association (NBB): Teaching coaching, 2012-2013.

PhD-Thesis Supervisor: A. Abhishta, 2015-present.

PhD-Thesis Referee: Pauline Contou-Carrère, Sorbonne, Paris 1, 2011.
Yuan Feng, University of Twente, 2013.

Corona Member: Gijs Schoenmakers, Maastricht University, 2004.

Council work: President CTiT Council: 2010-2012.
Faculty Council Management & Governance: 2003-2011.
President Faculty Council: 2005-2007, 2009-2011.

Reviewer: NWO Research Programme Evolution and Behaviour.
NWO Vidi-programme MaGW (Social & Behavioural Sciences).

Referee: Chapter of Routledge Compendium Public-Private Partnerships (P de Vries, EB Yehoue, eds.), ISBN-13: 9781136163296. Chapter of Modeling, Computation and Optimization (SK Neogy, AK Das & RB Bapat, eds.),
ISBN 978-9-8142-7350-3.

Games & Economic Behavior; International Journal of Game Theory; Dynamic Games & Applications; Social Choice & Welfare, Mathematical Social Sciences; Journal of Economic Behaviour & Organisation; Theory & Decision; Journal of Evolutionary Economics; Structural Change & Economic Dynamics; Annals of Operations Research; European Journal of Operations Research; Mathematical Methods in Operations Research; Operations Research in Health Care; Rationality & Society; International Journal of Technology Management; Southern Journal of Economics; Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice; Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena; Journal of Bioeconomics, IEEE Transactions on Engineering and Management, Journal of Cleaner Production.