Department Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems (IEBIS)

The mission of IEBIS is to conduct high-quality interdisciplinary research and education in area of Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems. We closely collaborate with industry, knowledge institutes and government agencies. We focus on projects that have substantial impact on innovating practice while significantly contributing to the international scientific knowledge base.

The focus of our research is on the logistics, healthcare and services sector. We have a special interest in decision support systems and inter-organizational systems connecting networks of businesses and governments. We study novel ways of organizing networks such as dynamic global sourcing and multi-agent coordination. We develop and apply quantitative models and algorithmic approaches, simulation and gaming, ICT architecture and business modeling and prototyping to create and evaluate innovative concepts.

The research of IEBIS is divided in three themes:


Design, planning, optimization and control of operational processes in production, transportation, supply chains, service logistics, and health care.


Design and engineering of IT based services for coordination and integration of business processes in supply chains and business networks.


Financial engineering, risk management, and financial decision making.


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jos van hillegersberg

Van Hillegersberg benoemd tot juryvoorzitter van de Nederlandse Logistiek Prijs

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jos van hillegersberg

Van Hillegersberg benoemd tot voorzitter ‘Programmacommissie Onderzoek’ Topsector Logistiek.

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Jessica Wewer

Scriptieprijs voor Jessica Wewer

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