The Centre for the Study of Democracy at the University of Twente is devoted to social science research on the conditions, mechanisms and effects of democracy at all levels of governance (local, national, European, international). It is interdisciplinary and facilitates both theoretical and empirical contributions to the study of democracies. Its focus is on democratic governance in modern democracies in Western countries. The following themes are being addressed by its research agenda:

- Democracy, political participation and political representation

- Democracy and legislative decision-making

- Democracy and systems of governance

Some key external activities

Marcel Boogers is Editor of Bestuurswetenschappen and Member of ROB

Bas Denters is Chief Editor of Bestuurswetenschappen, Editorial Secretary is Rik Reussing
Bas Denters is Scientific Advisor of KISS and Scientific Director of NIG

Kostas Gemenis is Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Acta Politica

Minna van Gerven is Member of the Network for European Social Policy Analysis ESPAnet

Nico Groenendijk is President of the European Union Studies Association, Netherlands EUSA-NL

Henk van der Kolk is Member of the Editorial Board of Res Publica

Claudio Matera is Member of the Editorial Board of QIL, Questions of International Law

Ariana Need is Member of the Social Sciences Council (SWR) of the Young Academy of KNAW

Martin Rosema is Board Member of NKWP and Co-editor of Political Psychology

Jacques Thomassen is Member of the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts KNAW

René Torenvlied is Co-editor of the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory

Ramses Wessel is Founder and Chief Editor of the International Organizations Law Review

Some key articles

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