Centre for the Study of Democracy

Goals and Activities

The Centre for the Study of Democracy (CSD) at the University of Twente brings together interdisciplinary scholarship on the functioning of contemporary democracies and provides insights on the innovation of democratic institutions.

Our activities include national and international research workshops and a lecture series.

Past lectures have been on the challenges of democracy in the 21st Century and on democracy and European integration. The lecture series is organized in cooperation with the Netherlands Institute of Government. We also organize events for a wider public audience to facilitate democratic participation in our community. In the academic year 2010/11 we have launched a visiting fellowship programme.

Researchers affiliated with CSD participate in several international research projects and networks. These focus on, among other topics, local politics and government, electoral systems and voting behaviour, European legislative politics and political representation in Europe. Furthermore, its researchers are actively involved in national and regional research programs, such as the Dutch National Election Studies, the Dutch Parliamentary Studies, and an expertise centre for urban affairs. Other fields of expertise include direct and participatory democracy.


Centre for the Study of Democracy

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