Applied Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the oldest branches of science. Applied mathematics or – as we like to call it – Engineering Mathematics distinguishes itself from pure mathematics in that it derives inspiration for its own development from ‘contact’ with such related fields as physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, economics, computer science and many more. As a matter of fact, mathematics – and certainly applied mathematics – has in large part developed in response to the need to be able to formulate and solve questions in those fields. In short, it is the language for communication par excellence.

The Department of Applied Mathematics offers an environment where you specialize in modern mathematical techniques. The aim then is to use those techniques in a variety of applications and fields. An external traineeship is therefore considered an essential part of the curriculum of the two-year Master’s programme. The program is a natural continuation of the bachelor “Technische Wiskunde”, but, not exclusively so. Indeed, AM is a realistic and attractive option for all students with a technical BSc and an interest in mathematical modeling and analysis.

Right from the start, every Master’s student is a junior researcher in the chair of his or her own choice. In addition to a common curriculum, specialized courses are offered by each chair of the department. During the final phase of the programme, students conduct research under the supervision of one of the members of the chair.

Jan Willem PoldermanA Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics will open a great many doors in your future career. Regardless of whether you are eventually employed by a private company, a research institute or a university, a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics represents a crucial step in your development, making you a highly prized professional.

Dr. Jan Willem Polderman

Programme Director