Welcome to the group Nanoionics

Welcome to Nanoionics, part of the MESA+ Institute of Nanotechnology and of the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Twente, the Netherlands.

We are a recently founded, internationally oriented group, aiming to enhance the fundamental understanding of electrostatics and electron transfer in liquid and across the liquid/solid interface, and to explore new concepts for fluidic devices based on this new understanding.

Recent and current research topics include for example carbon nanotube and graphene (bio)sensors, the physics of charge inversion and DNA condensation by multivalent ions, the fundamentals of electrophoresis, high frequency CMOS-based nanosensors, electrochemical detection of single molecules in nanofluidic devices, the nanoscopic structure of solid-liquid interfaces, the role of mass transport in (electrochemical) surface reactions, and driving and probing interfacial reactions at the nanoscale.

Our experimental tools, which are largely dictated by the intrinsic nanometer scale of the systems that we study, include scanning probe methods, highly sensitive electronics, and lithography-based microfabrication.

Breaking news

1st place poster prize at the Mesa+ day for Cecilia’s brilliant effort on a CMOS-platform high-resolution sensor!