This page lists publications associated with research that took place in the Nanoionics group at the University of Twente. For comprehensive lists including earlier publications, please see the personal pages of Serge Lemay, James Seddon, and Stanley Lai.















Stochastic Charge Fluctuations in Bipolar Electrodes

Z. A. Kostiuchenko, B. Zhang, and S. G. Lemay

J. Phys. Chem. C 120 (40), 22777-22783 (2016) download

High-frequency nanocapacitor arrays: concept, recent developments, and outlook

S. G. Lemay, C. Laborde, C. Renault, A. Cossettini, L. Selmi and F. P. Widdershoven

Accounts of Chemical Research, in press (2016). DOI: 10.1021/acs.accounts.6b00349

Nanobubble–Nanoparticle Interactions in Bulk Solutions

M. Zhang and J. R. T. Seddon

Langmuir, in press (2016) DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.6b02419

Unconventional Electrochemistry in Micro-/Nanofluidic Systems

S. Sarkar, S. C. S. Lai, and S. G. Lemay

Micromachines 7, 81 (2016) download

Single-molecule electrochemistry in nanochannels: probing the time of first passage

S. Kang, K. Mathwig, D. Mampallil, Z. Kostiuchenko, and S. G. Lemay

Faraday Discussion, in press (2016) DOI: 10.1039/C6FD00075D

Stochastic Processes in Electrochemistry

P. S. Singh and S. G. Lemay

Anal. Chem. 88 (10), 5017-5027 (2016) download

Deformability Assessment of Waterborne Protozoa Using a Microfluidic-Enabled Force Microscopy Probe

J. S. McGrath, J. Quist, J. R. T. Seddon, S. C. S. Lai, S. G. Lemay, and H. L. Bridle

PLoS ONE 11(3), e0150438 (2016) download

Handling and Sensing of Single Enzyme Molecules: From Fluorescence Detection towards Nanoscale Electrical Measurements

K. Mathwig, Q. Chi, S. G. Lemay, and L. Rassaei

Chem. Phys. Chem. 17, 452-457 (2016) download

Local Structure and Flow Properties of Ionic Liquids on Charged and Inert Substrates

M. Jitvisate and J. R. T. Seddon

J. Phys. Chem. C 120, 4860-4865 (2016) download


Real-time imaging of microparticles and living cells with CMOS nanocapacitor arrays

C. Laborde, F. Pittino, H. A. Verhoeven, S. G. Lemay, L. Selmi, M. A. Jongsma, and F. P. Widdershoven

Nat. Nanotechnol. 10, 791-795 (2015) download

Impact of surface chemistry on nanoparticle-electrode interactions in the electrochemical detection of nanoparticle collisions

C.-H. Chen, E.R. Ravenhill, D. Momotenko, Y.-R. Kim, S.C.S. Lai, and P.R. Unwin

Langmuir 31, 11932-11942 (2015) download

Single-molecule bioelectronics

J.K. Rosenstein, S.G. Lemay, K.L. Shepard

Wiley Interdiscip. Rev.: Nanomed. Nanobiotechnol.7, 475-493 (2015) download

Nucleation and aggregative growth of palladium nanoparticles on carbon electrodes: Experiment and kinetic model

Y.-R. Kim, S.C.S. Lai, K. McKelvey, G. Zhang, D. Perry, T.S. Miller, and P.R. Unwin

J. Phys. Chem. C 119, 17389-17397 (2015) download

Voltammetric scanning electrochemical cell microscopy: dynamic imaging of hydrazine electro-oxidation on platinum electrodes

C.-H. Chen, L. Jacobse, K. McKelvey, S.C.S. Lai, M.T.M. Koper, and P.R. Unwin

Anal. Chem. 87, 5782-5789 (2015) download

Pt nanoparticle modified single walled carbon nanotube network electrodes for electrocatalysis: Control of the specific surface area over three orders of magnitude

T. S. Miller, S. Sansuk, S. P. E, S. C. S. Lai, J. V. Macpherson, and P. R. Unwin

Catal. Today 244, 136-145 (2015) download

Nucleation, aggregative growth and detachment of metal nanoparticles during electrodeposition at electrode surfaces

S. C. S. Lai, R. A. Lazenby, P. M. Kirkman, and P. R. Unwin

Chem. Sci. 6, 1126-1138 (2015) download


Brownian motion in electrochemical nanodevices

K. J. Krause, K. Mathwig, B. Wolfrum, and S. G. Lemay

Eur. Phys. J. – Spec. Top. 223, 3165-3178 (2014) download

Redox cycling without reference electrodes

S. Sarkar, K. Mathwig, S. Kang, A. F. Nieuwenhuis, and S. G. Lemay

Analyst 139, 6052-6057 (2014) download

Conservative and dissipative interactions of ionic liquids in nanoconfinement

J. R. T. Seddon

J. Phys. Chem. C 118, 22197-22201 (2014) download

High resolution mapping of oxygen reduction reaction kinetics at polycrystalline platinum electrodes

C. H. Chen, K. E. Meadows, A. Cuharuc, S. C. S. Lai, and P. R. Unwin

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 16, 18545-18552 (2014) download

Integrated biodetection in a nanofluidic device

L. Rassaei, K. Mathwig, S. Kang, H. A. Heering, and S. G. Lemay

ACS Nano 8, 8278-8284 (2014) download

Spatially resolved electrochemistry in ionic liquids: Surface structure effects on triiodide reduction at platinum electrodes

B. D. B. Aaronson, S. C. S. Lai, and P. R. Unwin

Langmuir 30, 1915-1919 (2014) download

Reversible adsorption of outer-sphere redox molecules at Pt electrodes

D. Mampallil, K. Mathwig, S. Kang, and S. G. Lemay

J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 5, 636-640 (2014) download

Nanoscale methods for single-molecule electrochemistry

K. Mathwig, T. J. Aartsma, G. W. Canters, and S. G. Lemay

Annu. Rev. Anal. Chem. 7, 383-404 (2014) download

Sensing with nanopores - the influence of asymmetric blocking on electrochemical redox cycling current

K. J. Krause, E. Katelhon, S. G. Lemay, R. G Compton, and B. Wolfrum

Analyst 139, 5499-5503 (2014) download


Mass transport in electrochemical nanogap sensors

K. Mathwig and S. G. Lemay

Electrochimica Acta 112, 943-949 (2013) download

Electrochemical single-molecule detection in aqueous solution using self-aligned nanogap transducers

S. Kang, A. Nieuwenhuis, K. Mathwig, D. Mampallil, and S. G. Lemay

ACS Nano 7, 10931-10937 (2013) download

Multi-stimuli responsive hydrogel cilia

P. J. Glazer, J. Leuven, H. An, S. G. Lemay, and E. Mendes

Adv. Funct. Mater23, 2964-2970 (2013) download

Noise characteristics of nanoscaled redox-cycling sensors: Investigations based on random walks

E. Katelhon, K. J. Krause, P. S. Singh, S. G. Lemay, and B. Wolfrum

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 135, 8874-8881 (2013) download

Redox couples with unequal diffusion coefficients: Effect on redox cycling

D. Mampallil, K. Mathwig, S. Kang, and S. G. Lemay

Anal. Chem. 85, 6053-6058 (2013) download

Pushing the limits of electrical detection of ultralow flows in nanofluidic channels

K. Mathwig and S. G. Lemay

Micromachines 4, 138-148 (2013) download

Particle tracking around surface nanobubbles

E. Dietrich, H. J. W. Zandvliet, D. Lohse, and J. R. T. Seddon

J. Phys.: Condens. Mat. 25, 184009 (2013) download

Surface nanobubbles and micropancakes

J. R. T. Seddon

J. Phys.: Condens. Mat. 25, 180301 (2013) download

Role of osmotic and hydrostatic pressures in bacteriophage genome ejection

S. G. Lemay, D. Panja, and I. J. Molineux

Phys. Rev. E 87, 022714 (2013) download

Single-molecule electrochemistry: Present status and outlook

S. G. Lemay, S. Kang, K. Mathwig, and P. S. Singh

Accounts Chem. Res. 46, 369-377 (2013) download


Stochasticity in single-molecule nanoelectrochemistry: Origins, consequences, and solutions

P. S. Singh, E. Katelhon, K. Mathwig, B. Wolfrum, and S. G. Lemay

ACS Nano 6, 9662-9671 (2012) download

Electrical cross-correlation spectroscopy: Measuring picoliter-per-minute flows in nanochannels

K. Mathwig, D. Mampallil, S. Kang, and S. G. Lemay

Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 118302 (2012) download

Substrate-dependent kinetics in tyrosinase-based biosensing: amperometry vs spectrophotometry

L. Rassaei, J. Cui, E. D. Goluch, and S. G. Lemay

Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 403, 1577-1584 (2012) download

Hydrodynamic voltammetry with nanogap electrodes

L. Rassaei, K. Mathwig, E. D. Goluch, and S. G. Lemay

J. Phys. Chem. C 116, 10913-10916 (2012) download

Role of pH gradients in the actuation of electro-responsive polyelectrolyte gels

P. J. Glazer, M. van Erp, A. Embrechts, S. G. Lemay, and E. Mendes

Soft Matter 8, 4421-4426 (2012) download

Response time of nanofluidic electrochemical sensors

S. Kang, K. Mathwig, and S. G. Lemay

Lab Chip 12, 1262-1267 (2012) download


Stochastic amperometric fluctuations as a probe for dynamic adsorption in nanofluidic electrochemical systems

P. S. Singh, H.- S. Chan, S. Kang, and S. G. Lemay

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 133, 18289-18295 (2011) download

Stochastic sensing of single molecules in a nanofluidic electrochemical device

M. A. Zevenbergen, P. S. Singh, E. D. Goluch, B. L. Wolfram, and S. G. Lemay

Nano Lett. 11, 2881-2886 (2011) download

Lithography-based nanoelectrochemistry

L. Rassaei, P. S. Singh, and S. G. Lemay

Anal. Chem. 83, 3974-3980 (2011) download


Influence of electrolyte composition on liquid-gated carbon nanotube and graphene transistors

I. Heller, S. Chatoor, J. Mannik, M. A. G. Zevenbergen, C. Dekker, and S. G. Lemay

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 132, 17149-17156 (2010) download

Nanocavity redox cycling sensors for the detection of dopamine fluctuations in microfluidic gradients

E. Katelhon, B. Hofmann, S. G. Lemay, M. A. G. Zevenbergen, A. Offenhausser, B. Wolfrum

Anal. Chem. 82, 8502-8509 (2010) download

Charge noise in graphene transistors

I. Heller, S. Chatoor, J. Mannik, M. A. G. Zevenbergen, J. B. Oostinga, A. F. Morpurgo, C. Dekker, and S. G. Lemay

Nano Lett. 10, 1563-1567 (2010) download

Fluidics meets electronics: Carbon nanotubes as nanopores

S. G. Lemay

Angew. Chem. Int. Edit. 49, 7627-7628 (2010) download

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