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Interfaces and correlated electrons

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Quantum Transport in Matter (QTM) The Quantum Transport in Matter group (QTM) is founded in 2011 by the appointment of its chair prof. dr. ir. Alexander Brinkman. It is the aim of the group to explore the electronic transport effects of quantum phenomena in materials and electronic devices. The research in the group builds on recent nanotechnological and thin film technological developments within MESA+ and with advanced electronic transport experiments a quantum mechanical dimension is given to the research. Superconducting Device Theory The current research activities in the Device Theory group headed by Dr. Alexander Golubov focus on theory of electronic transport in micro- and nano-structures involving superconductors (high Tc and low Tc) and other materials: normal metals, semiconductors and metallic ferromagnets. The application of these structures in novel (quantum)-electronic devices is investigated. Scanning SQUID microscopy We use scanning SQUID microscopy for various studies, such as on the occurrence of ferro-magnetism in novel thin film materials and heterostructures and for the study of fractional vortices occurring in pi-phase shift structures employing the d-wave symmetry of the high-Tc superconducting state. Oxide electronics Using advanced thin film deposition, nanostructuring and measurement facilities we investigate the basic properties of complex oxide interfaces, and pursue potential applications such as low power electronics and sensing devices. Electron-hole coupling We investigate the nature of electron-hole interactions in materials that are known to exhibit strong correlations, in particular transition metal oxides.