EXPECTED - PDEng position - Decision Tool for Determination of Failure Mechanism (DBM)

Although maintenance tries to prevent them, failures regularly occur in practice. And while the number of different failure modes in the huge range of systems used in industry is nearly infinite, the number of basic failure mechanisms underlying these failures is only limited. However, as this mechanism acts on the material level, a system or process operator or maintenance engineer normally lacks the knowledge to assess the proper mechanism that caused a certain failure. ... read more

EXPECTED - PDEng position - Developing efficient monitoring strategies enabling condition based maintenance (DBM)

This project aims to design a decision method that integrates all the aspects mentioned above. This will be done using case studies from industry, either focusing on a specific sector (e.g. process industry), or providing a broad overview in several sectors (e.g. process, transport, maritime, aerospace). The results will be a set of (practical) guidelines addressing the various challenges. ... read more

EXPECTED - PhD position - Advanced Predictive Maintenance of Military Systems

OPEN - PhD position - Centre of Excellence in Water Technology Wetsus Smart Pipes

This project aims to develop a new inspection technology, based on the knowledge acquired in earlier inspection research projects, which is integrated in the water distribution system, to enable an improved asset management for future water distribution systems. ... read more