Open projects

Het definiëren van de systeem architectuur van de toekomstige Naval Maintenance Environment Niveau - THALES

Het opstellen van een systeem architectuur voor de toekomstige Maintenance Environment t.b.v. Naval Missie systemen. De Maintenance Environment heeft als doel het vereenvoudigen van het onderhoud aan de reeds geleverde en nieuw te leveren Combat Management Systeem, Radar & Sensoren, Actuatoren, Varend platform, Brug etc. ... read more

Safety Modelling of UAV Operations from the Operator/User View

Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAVs) are example products used in a wide range of applications. Ensuring safety of these complex products or systems are among the challenges of 21 Century. ... read more


Case studies at the basic oxygen steel plant of Tata Steel IJmuiden (3 projects; suitable for master thesis or internship). ... read more

Developing Condition-Based Maintenance approaches to support SMART industry in the Twente region: A multi-company study

Although many advanced maintenance techniques, such as condition based maintenance, are described in the academic literature, current research shows that practitioners find it difficult to effectively apply these techniques in practice. Therefore, a group of companies in the Twente region have joined forces.

In this multi-company project, the master student is challenged to develop practices to effectively apply CBM techniques at these companies. The study will start with a multiple-case study to define the common goals of these companies. Next, common problems these companies experience with CBM practices will be addressed. ... read more

Bio-inspired solutions: a biomimicry-approach for designing sustainable and maintainable systems

Exploring the possible opportunities offered by the nature, the main objective of the assignment is to codify and create a tool/methodology to help engineers and designers in creating bio-inspired winning solutions in the field of maintenance operations and maintainable and sustainable products. ... read more

Exploring the application of Augmented Reality for improving safety and performance in Maintenance Operations environment

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Note: There are always possibilities to graduate at the chair of Maintenance Engineering. We have contacts at various companies in a wide range of industries, so even if there is no interesting assignment listed below, it may still be worthwhile to contact us.