Yoga and Meditation

Yin yoga focusses on making our joints more flexible. It is a meditative form that gives space to the body in broadest sense. Yin yoga positions are exercised in a passive, yet intense way, and each positions is being held on quite long (between 2 and 5 minutes). In this way the connective tissue will be stretched and stimulated, instead of the muscles.

Yin yoga is the counterpart of our daily life with all its fast and endless stimuli. If you remain in Yin yoga positions for a bit longer, this form of yoga exercise will give you a meditative and restful feeling. One of the greatest advantages of yin yoga is that it could result in silence. Yin yoga has everything to do with mindfulness. It’s about being in the moment in your body and your feeling. Everyone, no matter what age, physical or mental wellbeing, is able to perform yin yoga. 


Program 2016-2017





9 weeks


18 April


€ 30,- for UnionCard holders (students)


€ 50,- for Campus-Card holders (employees UT and other customers)


Dojo in the Sports Centre


Rong Zhang

Course periods:

1.) 5 September to 11 November
2.) 14 November to 3 February
(with the exception of the Christmas holidays 26 December till 8 January)

3.) 6 February to 14 April
4.) 17 April to 30 June


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