Yoga is a group of physicalmental, and spiritual practices or disciplines.

It has many benefits for all-round fitness:


Weight loss


Stress relief


Inner peace


Improved immunity


Living with greater awareness


Better relationships


Increased energy


Better flexibility & posture


Better intuition

The class consists of breathing techniques (pranayama), postures (Asanas) and meditation (Dhyana).


---- From Pavla

Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self”. Trying to find this awareness while living a hectic lifestyle of a full time working mum of two can be quite a challenge which I managed to overcome by signing in to the friday yoga taught by Rong. Ever since I joined her class, I’ve benefited a lot from it. My end of the working week and beginning of the weekend couldn’t be more perfect. It is about working out, pushing yourself to the limits, but at the same time relaxing and connecting to a group of great individuals who might have joined for a different reason but for sure will leave the class with the same passion…a passion to do yoga thanks to Rong, our inspiring and cheerful yoga teacher who never ceases to push us further or motivates us to do better. Rong, namasté!

– From Leonie

The way Rong teaches and also challenges us made me stay. I really feel how yoga helps me to life a happy life. Before february i faced a lot of stress and had a lot of migraine attacks, sinds i am back at my yoga routine i have only had one migraine attack. So yoga helps to prevent this annoying kind of headache and that's only one aspect why i love yoga. Yoga also has positive impact on my ability to manage my week planning. It's good to have at least one fixed moment in my week just for myself doing yoga. I like the teaching in a group and how we grow together by practising pair yoga. The meditation at the end is the most relaxing part and the most personal part of the class. . And i really appreciate Rong putting so much effort in it. I learned to distinguish things that ask energy and things where you get energy from. For me yoga is definitely a thing where i get energy from. I constantly learn and grow during the class and whenever Rong introduces a new exercise i love to try hard to accomplish it the best way i can. . Thank you Rong!

Text for Meditation and Manifestation


Program 2016-2017





9 weeks


18 April


€ 30,- for UnionCard holders (students)


€ 50,- for Campus-Card holders (employees UT and other customers)


Dojo in the Sports Centre


Rong Zhang

Course periods:

1.) 5 September to 11 November
2.) 14 November to 3 February
(with the exception of the Christmas holidays 26 December till 8 January)

3.) 6 February to 14 April
4.) 17 April to 30 June


At this moment it’s not possible to register online for this course, because the last period of this year is almost over. Do you want to follow a few classes before the period is over? You can contact our secretariat for more information.

All information about the registration can be found here.

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