Yoga and Meditation

Yoga means union of body, mind and spirits.  It will increase general health, reduce stress, increase focus, improve flexibility and muscle strength, and alleviate certain physical symptoms, such as chronic pain, and will also increase self-esteem by body mind awareness.

This yoga class is mix of Kunalini, Hatha, Ashtanga yoga. The major part is traditional Asthanga yoga from Mysore India. The class consists of breathing techniques (pranayama), postures (Asanas) and meditation (Dhyana).

It is combination of work out and in. Work out as a physical exercise and work inward to expand consciousness and tap into divine within.  

Meditation combines traditional eastern meditation with western elements, such as visualization, affirmation, and hypnosis. You feel better because you have greater access to endorphins and you are building new neural pathways in your brain that allow you to be happier and more productive.


Program 2016-2017





10 weeks


6 September to 8 November 2016


€ 30,- for UnionCard holders (students)


€ 50,- for Campus-Card holders (employees UT and other customers)


Dojo in the Sports Centre


Rong Zhang


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