Through the wormhole - programme


NB The sessions will be in English.

Download the programme here.

9:30 hrs

Waaier, Foyer

Registration, coffee and cake


10:30 hrs

Waaier 1

Welcome by Stefan Kooij (programme director) and Diederik Jekel (alumnus, science journalist)

10:45 hrs

Waaier 1

Guest Lecture, Physics with a Human Touch, Dr Peter Wierenga (Innovation Consultant, former CEO Philips Research)

11:15 hrs

Waaier 1

Lecture, The early Years of Technische Natuurkunde THT, Prof. Leen van Wijngaarden (emeritus professor Physics of Fluids)

11:45 hrs

Waaier 1

Lecture, Applied physics in Twente (the present) – Superconductivity Update, Prof. Alexander Brinkman (professor Quantum Transport and Matter)

12:15 hrs

Waaier 1

Wrap up morning session; preview afternoon programme by Diederik Jekel

12:30 hrs

Waaier, Foyer

Lunch and presentation multi-disciplinary teams

Over lunch there is a photo exposition from the Arago archives, a number of multi-disciplinary teams will present themselves and can point out where in the world you worked as a physicist.


14:00 hrs

Several locations

Parallel Session 1, See the options below

15:00 hrs

Waaier, Foyer

Coffee, tea, refreshments

15:30 hrs

Several locations

Parallel Session 2, See the options below

16:45 hrs

U-Park Hotel

Drinks at the former EL/TN-building Hogekamp (current U-Park Hotel)

17:45 hrs

U-Park Hotel


*registration required, costs for dinner: €15,00 p.p. for employees/alumni, €5,00 p.p for students

Parallel Sessions 


Science quiz

Location: Gallery, Ideate

What did you learn during 50 years of Applied Physics? Besides Calculus and how a laser works (do you remember?), we all developed a profound interest in various aspects of nature.
At the Science Quiz, we challenge this interest, your physical intuition, and your deductive logic with challenging questions, including live experiments to convince even the most stubborn skeptic in the audience. Join forces with your best classmates, in teams up to 6 members, to win a fabulous prize and eternal (well, until the collapse of the universe) glory!


Campus tour

Location: Entrance Hal B.

For many years the Campus of the University of Twente offers a unique combination of buildings, nature and art. But over the past 50 years much has changed on Campus.
During this (outside)tour you'll get an excellent view of our magnificent Campus. We will guide you along the highlights and share some anecdotes, allowing you to see and experience what has changed over the years, or what has remained the same. Together we will recall nice memories from your time as a student or (former) employee.  


Visit TechMed Centre

Location: Entrance TechMed Centre

The TechMed Centre is the new calling card for all healthcare-related activities at the UT. The centre is home to our Technical Medicine, Biomedical Technology and Health Sciences students. In addition, six research groups that actively focus on clinical practice are located in the building. Centrally located is the Simulation Centre, which consists of (among others) two simulated (hybrid) operating theatres where ionising radiation can be used, two intensive care units, an imaging lab with photo acoustics equipment and two MRI scanners, and an eHealth House.


Education and lab exhibit

Location: Student Labs Twente, floor 4 Carré

Lab courses have always been an integral part of the Applied Physics programme in Twente. And they still are! However, the experiments have changed considerably over the years. New tools, advanced equipment and a unique didactic approach characterize the physics lab courses.
To give you an impression of our excellent facilities, but also honouring the early days, we organize a tour through the student physics labs. Many experimental setups will be on display, ranging from equipment used decades ago to the experiments done today by our students. In addition, over the past years, several projects have been incorporated in the Applied Physics bachelor progamme. A number of appealing results from these projects will be demonstrated.


Old school physics lecture
By prof. dr. Devaraj van der Meer

Location: Waaier 3

The physics we teach may not have changed much in the past 50 years, but the way we teach it definitely did. And even a lot! Often, we just take for granted that we live in an era where information is abundant and cheap, and don't remember that not so long ago times were radically different. In 1980 there was no internet, no social media, no mobile phones and definitely no smartphones, and the personal computers of those days are easily outperformed even by the most modest modern chip, like the one that resides in your coffee machine at home. Yes, teaching was very different back then, and we will recreate a typical setting of a lecture in the early nineties for you in this old school physics lecture.   


Spin-off companies

Location: Gallery

University of Twente: The most entrepreneurial university!” What is that? What does it mean? Over the past decades, more than 1000 spin-off companies have been founded, in which our UT students develop excellent ideas into valuable contributions to society. Novel-T is one of the UT partners that assists in developing entrepreneurial skills and can help in building a network of businesses and people needed to realize such innovative ideas. Many alumni from our Applied Physics programme participate in large and small spin-off companies originating from our university. Lionix is one of the successful spin-offs which is located in the Gallery. With a few appealing demonstrations they will provide an overview on part of their activities and share some of the successes.