Vakgroep Psychologie, Gezondheid & Technologie


SCELTA: Wearable technology and ambulant biofeedback as adjuvants in the psychological treatment of borderline personality disorder


Type of assignment:  Ma

Internal or external? External;  part of the clinical internship at Scelta                                                                                    

How many students possible? 1

Own data collection or existing data?  Data collection

Type of research (qualitative empirical, quantitative empirical, mixed-method, literature review):  Qualitative empirical  

EC (10 of 30EC)?   10 EC    

Description: Patients with borderline personality disorders find it difficult to regulate their emotions leading to emotion dysregulation problems such as impulsive or self-damaging behavior. Sense-IT is a biofeedback app, for a smartwatch and smartphone, that has been specifically developed with the aim to augment current psychological treatments for these patients in regulating their emotions. In the current study, we want to develop the first version of a protocol for implementing the Sense-IT in the current best evidenced based treatment for borderline personality disorder, i.e. dialectical behavior therapy (dbt). This study, will be conducted in cooperation with clinical experts on dbt and psychomotor therapy.

Who are we looking for?

As part of the clinical internship at Scelta.


dr. M.L. Noordzij (UTwente), dr. F. Chakhssi (external - research internship), J. Oostendorp (external - clinical internship)