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Tactus: Positive psychological interventions within Tactus Addiction Treatment


Msc assignment


1 student

Existing data 

Type of research: quantitative empirical, mixed methods

10 EC



Tactus Addiction Treatment offers help and advice to young people and adults for any form of addiction. From alcohol and drugs, to food, gambling, gaming, internet and sex. Tactus is looking for the best fitting guidance or treatment for each individual client, which can be online, ambulatory, clinical and / or via self-help.


The core treatment involves cognitive behavioural therapy and motivational interviewing. Recently, more and more positive psychological interventions have been used, such as Living to the Fullest (Voluit Leven), strength-based approach (krachtwerk) and ‘Vat van Zelfwaardering’. At present, however, these are self-contained initiatives, often carried out in a specific region of Tactus, without being widely applied in the organization.


Within this thesis you will develop an online survey to get an overview of the therapists’ opinions about positive psychological interventions. Recently, another student interviewed 7 therapists who already used a positive psychological intervention. The current study focuses on the therapists that don’t use positive psychological interventions yet. The online survey will be distributed via the intranet to therapists, in order to get a broad picture of their vision on positive psychological interventions. Additionally, you might possibly conduct a number of interviews. You will also investigate what is already known from the literature regarding positive psychological interventions for addiction. Based on the collected literature and data, you will advise Tactus about the use of positive psychological interventions for addiction treatment.


Who are we looking for?:

We are looking for a Dutch speaking student with interest in addiction treatment and positive psychology. Therapists will be Dutch, and therefore the survey and recruitment should also be in Dutch.



First supervisor: Dr. Marloes Postel, department Psychology, Health & Technology & Tactus

Second supervisor: Dr. Marcel Pieterse, department Psychology, Health & Technology