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Coordinator: Dr. Erik Taal ( 

GB01     Binge-watching: an experience sampling study of video-on-demand watching 

GB02     Cognitive biases in alcohol addiction treatment (“BreinDeBaas”): validation of a mobile Approach-Avoidance Test for measuring alcohol approach bias.   

GB03     Fatique after acquired brain injury

GB04     Patients’ and Health Care Providers’ preferences and needs for shared decision making about breast cancer follow-up – Analysis of interview data

GB05     Which strengths do patients use to cope with their illness?

GB06    How to motivate people with diabetes to use personalized footwear to improve their health and their daily life?  

GB07     Lifestyle change and persuasion in health-promoting mobile applications

GB08     How good or bad is Netflix for us?

GB09     Is prolonged sitting the new smoking?

GB10     Needs and barriers of (in)formal caregivers towards coaching technology of elderly with dementia to stimulate physical activity

GB11     Needs and barriers of (in)formal caregivers towards coaching technology of Suryoye elderly to stimulate physical activity

GB12     Social media and mental health

GB13     Systematic review on personalization of eHealth interventions

GB14     Search for available eHealth options for (spinal) surgery patients


Below you find the available Health Psychology & Technology (HPT) masters’ assignments.


Not all of the below mentioned assignments may be available. If you are interested in one of the assignments below, or if you would like to bring in your own assignment, please contact the HPT master coordinator dr. C.H.C. Drossaert ( or phone 053-4896049).

Also, note that –if you choose an external assignment- an interview with the organization will be part of the procedure.

GM01 - Hulphond Nederland: Wat zijn de mogelijke effecten van een hulphond bij ouderen met dementie?

GM02- Zelfcompassie in de context van kanker: een kwalitatief onderzoek.

GM03 – Illness perceptions and fatigue after stroke.

GM04 - TRIMBOS: Evaluatie van het gebruik van een web-based interventie voor stress, slaap en piekeren en de samenhang met klachten

GM05 - UNO-UMCG: Decision-making for the pharmacologic treatment of problem behaviour in patients with dementia

GM06- Job stress management via mHealth: combination of self-tracking and e-Coaching 

GM07 – Response shift en de ervaren gezondheidsgerelateerde kwaliteit van leven bij mensen met reumatoïde artritis

GM08 - UT Technical Medicin: Komt een patiënt bij de dokter: hoe simulatiepatiënten het leren van de studenten bevorderen

GM09 - Illness perceptions and fatigue after stroke

GM10 – Automatisch vermoeid? Identificatie en beïnvloeding van automatische processen bij vermoeidheid

GM11- Meander Medical Center: Co-creation in a medical setting - evaluation and participatory redesign of an existing patient portal.

GM12- E-health in de vroege hartrevalidatie 

GM13 -  Haalbaarheidsstudie: dementie & apps

GM14 - MST NEUROLOGY: Bottlenecks in the case management of Parkinson’s disease - analysing the strategies, motives and decisions of involved health care professionals

GM15 - MindDistrict: Developing and evaluating behavioural change techniques to improve compliance to eHealth interventions

GM16 - Bartimeus: kinderen en ouders voorbereiden op diagnostisch onderzoek 

GM17 -  MindDistrict: Which textual characteristics of eHealth therapies are related to appreciation of the content?

GM18 -  MindDistrict: Developing and testing the timing and content of notifications to improve diary completion in eHealth interventions

GM19 - Risk factors for compassion fatigue and diminished wellbeing in crisis line volunteers: a survey among volunteers of Sensoor (telefonische hulpdienst) 

GM20 – TiH & UT: Implementation of computerized adaptive testing in health care and health research

GM21 – Resonance House Publishing creates Digging Deep, a game for teens facing serious health challenges

GM22 – IKNL: Individualized follow-up after breast cancer: optimalization and implementation of the INFLUENCE nomogram

GM23 - e-mental health: can a virtual coach increase a user’s motivation?

GM24 - Learning by gaming

GM25 - Hanzehogeschool: Het gebruik van gedragsveranderingstechnieken voor het veranderen van leefstijlgedrag bij mensen met een lichte verstandelijke beperking

GM26 - Monitoren van gedrag en emotie in het dagelijks leven na bariatrische chirurgie  

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