MESA+ University of Twente
Industrial focus group XUV Optics

Completed projects

  • the SenterNovem funded project Advanced multilayer coatings for high volume EUV lithography (ACHieVE), with partners ASML, Carl Zeiss SMT AG, Philips Extreme UV GmbH, SAGEM, and Media Lario
  • XUV Metrology, an STW Valorisation Grant project executed with Scientec Engineering
  • FOM Programme 75, named PSI-lab: An integrated laboratory on plasma-surface interaction, a fusion research project partly executed within nSI
  • Negating HIO-induced metal and carbide EUV surface contamination (No-HIO), a project funded by M2i and ASML
  • Stability of EUV caps under reactive environments (SECURE-N), also through M2i and ASML
  • a feasibility research project on XUV multilayer optics for XFEL, carried out at FLASH, Hamburg, and
  • the Nanostructured Arrays project on laterally structured multilayer optics, executed mainly at MESA+