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Workshop Fundamentals of Nanotechnology

One-week workshop

Every year, early November, the one-week workshop “Fundamentals of Nanotechnology” is organized. This workshop provides you with the complete scope of what nanotechnology is about. The workshop has been set up for PhD students in nanotechnology as well as MSc students in Nanotechnology or any other related topic, but is also open for others that are interested. Some background in science is desired however.
The workshop is organized in a one-week format (4 days). Each day is focused on a different subfield of nanotechnology, and these are:

  • nanofabrication and nanomaterials
  • bionanotechnology
  • nano-optics
  • nano-electronics
Each day will have 4 lectures, tutorials and labtours, on this specific topic. The lectures and workshops will be given by MESA+ researchers that are active in the nanotechnology research area. Upon finishing the workshop, you will receive a certificate of attendance
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