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Graduate research programmes

The MESA+ School for Nanotechnology

The MESA+ School for Nanotechnology is founded in 2010 and encompasses all MESA+ research groups. In 2011 the MESA+ School for Nanotechnology obtained a graduate programme block grant from the Dutch organization for scientific research (NWO). 
The MESA+ School for Nanotechnology involves the following programmes: 
1. Advanced Optics
2. Nanodevices & Systems
3. Novel Nanomaterials
4. Fluid Physics
5. Next Generation Energy and Resource

The programmes are embedded in the Twente Graduate School (TGS). More information about the MESA+ programmes is available at the website of the Twente Graduate School.

How to apply

The MESA+ School for Nanotechnology can be divided into the master (MSc) phase (2 years) and the PhD phase (4 years). Students can be enrolled in the School in the MSc phase or PhD phase.
Bachelor students with the proper background (BSc in chemistry, physics, materials science et.) can be enrolled in the master phase (e.g. chemical engineering, applied physics, nanotechnology). Candidates are invited to submit their application (copy BSc diploma, brief overview of the study results, CV and motivation letter) to the MESA+ School for Nanotechnology. Students that are enrolled in the MSc phase of the graduate school are expected to join the monthly MESA+ colloquia and annual MESA+ day.
Phd students that perform their PhD project in one of the research groups of MESA+ are automatically enrolled in the second phase of the MESA+ School for Nanotechnology. The Phd student and envisaged PhD advisor put together a tailor-made 30 EC study program. The Twente Graduate School (TGS) introductory and research management seminar are mandatory (1 EC). Click here for more information on PhD's at the Twente Graduate School.