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Inducing selectivity in supported metal catalysts

J.A. Anderson

Surface Chemistry and Catalysis Group, Chemical and materials Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen.

Supported metals are widely used as catalysts in a wide range of industrial applications. In the 21st century, there has been a significant move away from considering activity as the key selection criteria and selectivity and reduced waste is recognised as being crucial. One of the fundamental difficulties with these types of materials is in controlling the distribution of different available sites as a consequence of the intrinsic heterogeneity of the metal particles. In this lecture I will overview some of the many different approaches which we have considered over the years including use of bimetallics, use of metal doping, surface decoration and controlling particle growth and shape through nanotechnology-based approaches. I will include reference to the techniques developed alongside these routes which have allowed characterisation of the active materials to be performed.