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Storage and Conversion of Renewable Energy

Making the energy transition possible

Energy is one of the domains in which people and societies are urgently looking for future-proof solutions. Traditional energy systems have become a threat to earth’s climate and natural resources. Global efforts to facilitate a transition towards sustainable systems require radically new technologies for generating, storing and exploiting energy resources. At MESA+ we are at the forefront of developing the next generation of renewable energy technologies and their integration in the energy system, including energy storage.

Over 50 researchers

We have over 50 researchers working towards the development of the next generation of materials and devices for energy conversion and storage, including evaluation of ground-breaking concepts for photo- and electrocatalytic reactions with high efficiency. Our research has resulted in several successful spinoffs involved in the preparation of nanostructured materials.

Solmates, a MESA+ spinoff

A great example is Solmates, a rapidly growing Dutch specialist in PLD equipment whose ambition is to position PLD as a mainstream deposition technology likely to play a key role in the development of future chip designs and the integration of new materials.

Optimising materials, devices and interfaces

The aim of our advanced research in the energy domain is threefold: 

  • Finding new and more efficient ways to converting energy
  • Improving energy storage with new materials
  • Improving energy storage by optimising the interfaces between materials

MESA+ is fully equipped to tap the potential of new materials and devices and optimising interfaces between them for energy storage and conversion. A few cutting edge examples: 

  • Power to chemical products using structured, porous, high-surface area electrodes
  • Solar to chemical products using 2d and core-shell nanostructures
  • Solar to chemical products creating functionalised silicon devices

Our three focal points

In tackling the energy challenge through fundamental and applied research, MESA+ has three focal points: 

  1. Achieving highly controlled synthesis, characterisation and optimisation of nanostructured advanced functional materials
  2. Analysis, modification and optimisation of interfacial phenomena, involving phonons, photons, charges, ions, and molecules (liquids and gases)
  3. Integration and implementation of knowledge for the construction of devices