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Nanolab Tour

Would you like to visit this unique Laboratory?

You can!

MESA+ boasts an advanced NanoLab with a floor area of 1250 square metres! The building itself is completely free from all vibrations given that the slightest vibration – caused, for instance, by a car driving along the road outside – can damage nano-products. 

The researchers wear white gear, gloves, caps and masks while in the laboratory. This is not because the nanomaterials they work with are hazardous, but to prevent flakes of skin or hair from damaging the nanostructures production process. 

Would you like to visit this unique laboratory? We would be pleased to show you around! Just send an e-mail with your wishes to our projectmanager Annerie Heesink, and we will let you know what the options for a special Nanolab Tour are.