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Nanolab Creates Possibilities

We create possibilities in our facilities by adding knowledge. Expertise from a variety of people - researchers, technologists and technicians - can help you to realize devices, to solve technological problems, to analyze materials or even build sophisticated tools. Are you the next user with a brilliant product idea or maybe the researcher who faces the next scientific challenge?

We can offer you the environment to realize dreams.


Gerard Roelofs, Head of NanoLab: E:

The cleanroom is available for researchers of the University of Twente, other institutes and for use by industrial partners; from small and medium enterprises to multinationals. Depending on their needs; these parties can gain access to the equipment, technologies and expertise they need to realize their research, develop prototypes or produce a limited number of (nano) devices. If required, MESA+ staff members and researchers can provide technical and technological assistance.

NanoLab offers several technology platforms to develop nanostructures and systems, for example:

MEMS (micro/nano): actuators, membranes, cantilevers, needles, etc.

Fluidics (micro/nano): flow sensors, lab-on-a-chip devices,reactors, etc.

Optics (micro/nano): waveguide, photonic devices, XUV mirrors, etc.

Electronics: electronic devices, transistors, etc.

2D/3D-nanostructures: nanowires, quantum dots, membranes,nano-apertures etc.

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs confirmed a financial contribution to the activities of NanoLabNL, as part of the so-called Toekomstfonds (Future Fund). The Dutch national facility for nanotechnological research will use the acquired resources to stimulate the development of proof-of-concepts, demonstrators and small scale production.  

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