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Volume 4, 2015

Biotech company MIME TAS is headquartered in Leiden. But their ‘organ on a chip’ plates are produced in the High Tech Factory at Twente. Paul Vulto, MIME TAS co-founder: “Every time I visit Twente, I’m positively surprised by everything that’s possible here.”

High Tech Factory

“What’s so great about the High Tech Factory is its focus on functionality. Everything you need is there. And all you don’t need isn’t. And having to take the train from Leiden? Two hours we gladly sacrifice for what we get. To us, it’s all about being able to produce high volumes of microchips of the same high quality. And we’re able to do so in Twente.”


“We combine the Leiden life sciences network with the Twente expertise in the field of microfluidics. We develop micro-organs on a chip. For instance, we have micro-kidneys growing on our chips, but also liver tissues and brain cells.”

The future

“We’re currently working with companies like Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and AstraZeneca. They make use of our chips when developing new medicines. We believe our chips will be in standard use by every pharmaceutical company in two years. What’s more, there are promising new uses for our chips in the field of personalized medicine. In the near future, doctors may for instance be able to take a sample from a cancer patient, cultivate those cells on a plate containing our chips and test out which medicine or treatment is most effective. A whole range of treatments can be tested in just a few weeks in this fashion.”

High Tech Fund

“The machinery in our cleanroom is co-financed by the High Tech Fund. We plan to produce our first series of organoplates in the spring of 2015; a batch of a few hundred plates. After that, it’s time to scale things up. We want to be able to supply our clients with tens or even hundreds of thousands of plates, all of the exact same quality.”

NAME : Paul Vulto (1977) [right]

POSITION : Co-founder and managing director of Mimetas, ‘the organ-on-a-chip company’

MIMETAS : was founded in 2011 by Jos Joore [left] and Paul Vulto [right]. The company ( develops organs on a chip. These chips are currently mainly used by pharmaceutical companies for purposes of testing new medicines. MIMETAS is headquartered in Leiden. The company recently acquired its own cleanroom in the Twente High Tech Factory.

PREVIOUSLY : Vulto graduated with distinction from the UT (Electrical Engineering) in 2002. He obtained his doctoral degree (again with distinction) at the University of Freiburg in Germany.

THE HIGH TECH FACTORY ... “has everything we need.”

2 x HTF = company benefits

Here in Twente, we regularly refer to ‘HTF’. An abbreviation for one of two things:

1. High Tech Factory production facility for micro- and nanotechnology companies. Companies all have their own, individual cleanroom and share all other facilities. For more information:

2. High Tech Fund: a fund established for nanotechnology companies to lease or purchase equipment. For more information: