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Volume 4, 2015

Who? Celine Baard (1998).

Hobbies? Jogging and going out with friends.

Education? Completed preparatory secondary vocational education, transferred to fourth year of senior general secondary education.

Desired job? “I’m not exactly sure yet. I might go into research and exploration, perhaps work in a lab. But I might also start working with children or youths, perhaps something with psychology. Or become a teacher.”

Nano? “My sector project was about nanotechnology. I was given a tour of the NanoLab. Utterly fascinating. Those special rooms with their yellow lighting, all the people in special suits, the microscopes. Not something you see every day. A unique experience.”

Mark? “My report was graded an eight out of ten, my presentation a nine. I made sure my presentation would also be understood by junior year students. My report touched on more complex subjects. My teachers even complimented me. One of them said: “You told me things I did not know myself. And you made it all sound so easy.”

Tip? “When choosing what to study, pick something you like. You’ll have fun going to school and get high grades. And remove your blinkers. Look at what’s happening around you. Everyone is surrounded by nano, but hardly anyone knows anything about it.”

Nano knowledge
Celine Baard and Niels Willemen were both given a tour of the NanoLab. Each year, over 1,800 high school students and other interested parties visit the MESA+ NanoLab. Would you like to know more? Visit The MESA+ researchers also provide lectures on nanotechnology. A two-minute sample, by scientific director Dave Blank, is available on