MESA+ University of Twente

Green Energy Initiative

In view of global energy and environmental issues, direct solutions are imperative to reduce energy consumption, expand available resources, and decrease our impact on the environment. Extensive research and development are essential to create urgent breakthroughs in the field of renewable energy applications. This enormous challenge requires a multi-disciplinary approach, in close collaboration with governments, industry and consumers.

The research-institutes CTIT, IGS and MESA+ at the University of Twente have bundled their research on renewable energy into the Green Energy Initiative. This will strengthen the collaboration between the various scientific disciplines in renewable energy research at the University of Twente. In particular the direct match of technological innovation with new organizational and governance approaches will promote the successful implementation of innovations. Furthermore, the Green Energy Initiative will enable a better contact for external parties.

The Green Energy Initiative focuses currently on three research themes: ‘Energy from Biomass', 'ICT & Smart Grids’ and ‘Advanced Materials'.

Link to : Green Energy Initiative website