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21 Aug 2017 - Veni grant for Lyuba Amitonova Dr. Lyuba Amitonova, postdoctoral fellow at the Biomedical Photonic Imaging (BMPI) group at the University of Twente, was awarded a Veni award from the NWO, the Dutch national research organisation. Her Veni project is on super quality pictures through a tiny endoscope. She will perform her research at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. 1 Aug 2017 - Five Researchers with Veni grant start projects on the UT On 28 July 2017, five UT researchers received a Veni grant from NWO (The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research) 25 Jul 2017 - Kerensa Broersen interviewed by BNR On July 24, nanobiophysics researcher Kerensa Broersen from MESA+ and MIRA was interviewed by BNR Newsradio. During the live broadcast, Kerensa talked about her Alzheimer research, the Fulbright grant she received and the opportunity to research with Nobel price winner Randy Schekman (University of California, Berkeley). 24 Jul 2017 - New membranes help reduce CO2 emission The University of Twente and the German research centre Jülich are collaborating on developing membranes for an efficient separation of gasses, to use for the production of oxygen or hydrogen, for example. 13 Jul 2017 - 600.000 euro funding for Dutch biotech coating start-up LipoCoat BV, a spin-off from the MESA+ nanotechnology institute from the University of Twente, gathered nearly 600.000 euro funding. 5 Jul 2017 - Nathalie Katsonis wins KNCV Gold Medal Prof. dr. Nathalie Katsonis has been awarded the KNCV (Royal Dutch Chemical Society) Gold Medal 2017. 4 Jul 2017 - APS Fluid Dynamics Prize for Detlef Lohse Detlef Lohse, Professor of Physics of Fluids at the University of Twente, will receive the prestigious Fluid Dynamics Prize of the American Physical Society (APS). It is a prize for world's top scientists in the field.  3 Jul 2017 - University of Twente develops record laser on chip Working in collaboration with the Lionix company, researchers from the University of Twente’s MESA+ research institute have developed the world’s most narrowband diode laser on a chip.