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19 Jun 2017 - Defining the Roadmap to Photonics at the World Technology Mapping Forum The MESA+ proudly announces that at the World Technology Mapping Forum in Den Bosch (the Netherlands) our scientists Sonia Garcia Blanco, Jeroen Cornelissen and Willem Vos are actively participating. PhotonDelta and the AIM Photonics Academy are organizing the first meeting of the World Technology Mapping Forum. The goal of the forum is to produce the first International Photonic Systems Roadmap, looking ahead to global technology needs in 2030 and beyond. 29 May 2017 - Separating DNA: from hours to minutes Researchers of the University of Twente developed a glass microchip for ultrafast separation and purification of DNA fragments. The chip, moreover, is easy to produce and cheap. 29 May 2017 - 20 Seconds Science is back! MESA+ and MIRA are working on a broad diversity of research subjects, it’s time to show the world! The challenge? To show it in 20 seconds… In 2015 25 videos were made and they were awesome. Do you accept the challenge to top the last performance? We would like to invite you to participate! 8 May 2017 - Major grant for 'Organ-on-a-chip' research Creating ‘organ-on-a-chip’ systems will be a decisive step toward personalized health care. Five partners including the University of Twente receive a prestigious ‘Zwaartekracht’ grant for this, of 19 million euros. 21 Apr 2017 - Julius Vancso appointed Consulting Professor at Donghua University UT Professor Julius Vancso has been appointed as Consulting Professor at Donghua University in Shanghai. He recently gave his inaugural lecture, entitled ‘Polymer-surface interactions from the molecular perspective by AFM force spectroscopy’. 18 Apr 2017 - Detlef Lohse appointed Chair Professor in China UT Professor Detlef Lohse has been inaugurated as Chair Professor on Fluid Engineering at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. 12 Apr 2017 - Eurekite wins the “Best Startup” prize of the nano2start contest at MECSPE 2017 Eurekite founded by researchers of MESA + Institute for Nanotechnology University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands. 

The Flexiramics® technology of Eurekite was awarded with the “Best Startup prize for the best industrial innovation in nanotechnology and new materials” at the MECSPE fair in Parma.
10 Apr 2017 - Effective chemical processes through refined nano structures Han Gardeniers (MESA+ Institute for nanotechnology) embraces the dream of a cleaner chemical industry. What can we do to ensure less waste and less energy consumption?