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27 May 2014 - Province of Overijssel issues innovation vouchers to spend at MESA+ Do you represent a small or medium enterprise that wishes to combine knowledge and technology so as to create new or improved products, services or processes that pose a risk to your company? Take a quick look at the conditions for applying for a subsidy and submit the application form. 23 May 2014 - MESA+Bionanolab facilities available at University of Twente The MESA+ BioNanoLab is fully equipped now! The BioNanoLab offers a variety of equipment and technologies that may be of interest for your research. The facilities are available for users from inside the university as well as for external partners, offering interesting opportunities for science, industry and the (bio)medical field. 12 Mar 2014 - Measuring speed in flying inkjet drops Physicists from the FOM workgroup Physics of Fluids (MESA+) at the University of Twente and from Océ-Technologies have developed a method to measure detailed speed data in flying inkjet drops. Their research was recently published in the first issue of the new Journal Physical Review Applied. 12 Mar 2014 - Light rides the waves Researchers at the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology at the University of Twente in collaboration with the Paul Drude Institute in Berlin have succeeded in moving light from one end of a semiconducting nanowire to the other by means of surface acoustic waves, a kind of nanoscale earthquakes. 6 Mar 2014 - UT researchers create first thin layers of 'spin ice' Researchers from the University of Twente MESA+ research institute and the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) have, as the first in the world, created thin films of a so-called 'spin ice' material. Spin ice materials are interesting for physicists, because magnetic monopole-like phenomena can occur in them. The results are published in the new scientific journal Applied Physics Letters Materials.   4 Mar 2014 - Bene Poelsema receives Beller Lectureship award During the American Physical Society (APS) meeting which is held in Denver today, prof. dr. ir. Bene Poelsema will receive the prestigious Beller Lectureship award. Poelsema, Professor at the Physics of Interfaces and Nanomaterials department of research institute MESA+, receives the award for his contribution to surface physics. 27 Feb 2014 - UT researchers develop strategy for targeted drug delivery Researchers at the University of Twente's MESA+ research institute have developed a new strategy for delivering drugs to specific areas of the body in a targeted way. 13 Feb 2014 - Nanoswitches converting light into macroscopic motion Researchers of the University of Twente's MESA+ research institute have developed spiral ribbons made of molecules, that are able to convert light into complex macroscopic motion. Therefore, they managed to amplify molecular motion and translate it to the macroscopic world.