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19 June 2017

Defining the Roadmap to Photonics at the World Technology Mapping Forum

The MESA+ proudly announces that at the World Technology Mapping Forum in Den Bosch (the Netherlands) our scientists Sonia Garcia Blanco, Jeroen Cornelissen and Willem Vos are actively participating. PhotonDelta and the AIM Photonics Academy are organizing the first meeting of the World Technology Mapping Forum. The goal of the forum is to produce the first International Photonic Systems Roadmap, looking ahead to global technology needs in 2030 and beyond.

We believe coupling light technologies (photonics) with electronics offers paths to next generation smart devices that are 1000 times faster, process 1000 times more data and yet use much less energy. The Photonic integration ecosystems are growing exponentially, with many new players entering the field. We’re seeing a trend for high-tech companies, chip design, packaging houses and pure-play foundries to work collaboratively. This enables cost-sharing as well as faster prototyping and production. For this to succeed, we need a global discussion on “real-world” needs for specific technologies. Good roadmaps will filter out the most crucial technologies and define some broad metrics which they need to achieve over the next 10-15 years to be successful in high volume products.