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21 April 2017

Julius Vancso appointed Consulting Professor at Donghua University

UT Professor Julius Vancso has been appointed as Consulting Professor at Donghua University in Shanghai. He recently gave his inaugural lecture, entitled ‘Polymer-surface interactions from the molecular perspective by AFM force spectroscopy’.

Vancso is Professor of Material Science and Technology of Polymers at the MESA+ institute for nanotechnology at the University of Twente and has been attached to the UT since 1994. His appointment further strengthens the UT’s position in the international network in the field of smart materials.

Strengthening the network

“Increasingly, the research projects we undertake have an international dimension, with knowledge sharing with international partners also being an important requirement for financing”, according to Vancso, who is also Associate Professor of Material Science at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. “The international network in which we operate is becoming increasingly relevant in that respect. By strengthening our partnership with Donghua, we can also apply this element to our research projects effectively.”

The collaboration that will flow from Vancso’s appointment at Donghua University entails a stronger focus on the areas of both research and education. A number of doctoral candidates will carry out research, partly in Twente and partly in China. It will also bolster the fast-track international master’s programme in chemical engineering.

About Donghua University

Donghua University, established in 1951, has a long and rich history in textiles. Vancso: "They excel in the industrial application of textiles, and fibres as a strengthening material for composites. That aligns closely with the research we carry out at the UT, for example, in the field of responsive and smart materials. There is also a strong connection to the developments on which we work together with TPRC." Six professors from the Chinese university, all from Vansco’s group, have already obtained their PhDs at the University of Twente.

Photo: Qing Fengling, Vice President of Donghua University and Prof Julius Vancso.