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26 September 2016

Strategic Impulse for MESA+ research and application areas

Recently MESA+ invited her researchers to submit research ideas in the Strategic Stimulation Call 2016. In this call research initiatives are stimulated that contribute to the MESA+ long term strategy; strengthening the current multidisciplinary application areas ‘Unconventional electronics’, Early diagnostics & sensing’ and ‘Storage and conversion of renewable energy’, or explore possible new areas in research or application. The beneficiaries of the MESA+ strategic stimulations call were announced at the MESA+ Meeting on 26 September in Kinepolis, Enschede.

Professor dr. Jeroen Cornelissen, Scientific Director MESA+: “With the available resources we aim to invest in new scientific innovations and further interdisciplinary collaborations. This will further strengthen the present application areas or create new ones. In that way we ensure a successful continuation of the outstanding research and infrastructure of the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology." 

The following proposals will receive funding:

Electrochemical characterization facility for lifetime and durable analysis to initiate new collaborations with industry

M. Huijben,G. ten Elshof, H. Bouwmeester, H. Gardeniers, M. Duits, W. Olthuis

Forget about graphene: here's germanene

H. Zandvliet, P. Kelly

Probing solid-liquid interfaces of photocatalytically active materials on the nanoscale by  in situ Atomic Force Microscopy

G. Mul, R. Lammertink, F. Mugele

Shake it: Vibration-enhanced sensitivity of brush-based sensors

S. de Beer, W. de Vos, C. Blum, M. Claessens, J. Vancso

Ultrafast switching of higher-dimensional photonic information in silicon nanostructures

W. Vos, K. Boller, P. Pinkse

Bio-inspired polymers for shape-morphing liposomes

T. Kudernac, S. Le Gac

Active tissue-like materials from networks of elastics shells

N. Katsonis, S. Le Gac

Speeding up 3D nanolithography

G. Roelofs, H. Gardeniers, P. Pinkse, H. van Vossen, R. Tiggelaar 

A preliminary study of the negative-capacitance based ion-sensitive field-effect transistor (NCIS-FET)

R. Hueting, W. Olthuis, J. Schmitz, J. Eijkel

Digital droplet PCR

L. Segerink, P. ter Braak, L. Terstappen, J. Swennenhuis, G. Rijnders, J. Huskens, S. Lemay