The Examination Board consists of the following persons:

§ H.F.J.M. Koopman (chairperson); period expires 1-4-2018


Ir. I.F. Lutters-Weustink (secretary); period expires 1-4-2017

§ F.J.A.M. van Houten; period expires 1-1-2016


Prof.dr. J. Henseler; period expires 1-8-2018


Ir. A.P. van den Beukel; period expires 1-3-2018


Ir. F. van Dijk; period expires 1-9-2016

The everyday management of the Examination Board is formed by the chairperson and the secretary. The Examination Board can be reached by email or in written form via the secretary.

Ir. I.F. Lutters-Weustink
Universiteit Twente 
Horstring N-210 
Postbus 217 
7500 AE, Enschede