Research projects Richard J. Boucherie

Current research projects

2014 Deploying security measures to intercept multiple simultaneous threats

2013 Multi appointment scheduling in health care (Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis)

2012 Optimisation in health care (HagaZiekenhuis)

2011 Multi appointment scheduling in health care (AMC, Amsterdam)

2011 INTEX: Interference Exploitation in Wireless Networks

2010 RRR: Realisation of Reliable and secure Residential Platforms

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Completed research projects

2008 LogiDOC: Logistical Design for Optimal Care

2006 QNOISE: Queueing Networks of Interacting Servers

2006 Optimisation of queues in health care

2004 Easy Wireless

2003 Quality of Service in Personal Networks at Home

2003 BRICKS - PDC2: Quality of Service in Communication Networks

2001 Beyond 3G: Building Expertise Yielding Outperforming Networks Derived from 3G

1997 Stochastic network analysis for the design of self optimising cellular mobile communications systems

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