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15 Sep 2017 - Towards unconventional electronics Electronics that functions like the brain does, atoms crossing the speed limit, superconducting nanostructures for energy efficient chips. Three innovative UT projects receive funding from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research NWO. 10 Jul 2017 - Zwanenburg en Van der Wiel ontvangen subsidie uit Startimpuls Nationale Wetenschaps Agenda Zwanenburg en Van der Wiel ontvangen subsidie uit Startimpuls Nationale Wetenschaps Agenda; 10 Jul 2017 - Wilfred van der Wiel (Universiteit Twente) en Mihai Netea (Radboudumc) gaan in het project ‘From genetics to immune response: a neural network approach’ opzetten

Het in kaart brengen van ons DNA is tegenwoordig geen grote uitdaging meer. Maar het voorspellen van het effect van iemands genenpatroon wel.

17 Mar 2017 - ERC Research @ NE

The European Research Council (ERC) set up ten years ago, supporting the EU's ambition to promote cutting-edge research in Europe. We at NE celebrate our ERC sponsored researchers Wilfred van der Wiel and Michel de Jong.

7 Mar 2017 - PhD Defence Bojian Xu Bojian Xu is a PhD student in the MESA+ research group NanoElectronics. His promoter is Wilfred van der Wiel. 7 Dec 2016 - University of Twente researchers able to study individual defects in transistors

Scientists from the University of Twente’s MESA+ research institute have developed a method for studying individual defects in transistors. The research results were published in Scientific Reports, a leading scientific journal produced by the Nature Publishing Group.

28 Oct 2016 - More speed, Less Energy Roughly speaking, the human brain can perform 100,000 times more operations per second than a single computer chip, using around a tenth of the amount of energy. That makes the brain the indisputable lodestar for the next generation of computer hardware, according to MESA+ professor Wilfred van der Wiel. He and his colleagues, including professor of Programmable Nanosystems Prof. Dr. Ir. Hajo Broersma, are betting on nanomaterials as the key to a brain-like system. 14 Jul 2016 - NE student wins Best Research award The NanoElectronics group congratulates recent graduate Jordi Hendrix with winning the Best Research award for an outstanding thesis in BSc Electrical Engineering.