Binlong Li succesfully defended his PhD thesis

September 20, 2012. Binlong Li succesfully defended his PhD thesis on subgraph conditions for Hamiltonian Properties of Graphs. Binlong Li, alumni of the Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) in X'ian in P.R. China, has been supervised by Shenggrui Zhang and Hajo Broersma. In his thesis, he addresses sufficient conditions for certain properties of graphs, such as Hamiltonicity or traceability. Most of his results, presented in no less than eight chapters, are based on a combination of degree and subgraph conditions and generalize previous work, in fact answering several open questions in this area of structural graph theory. Two of the eight chapters have already been published (SIAM Journal Disc. Math. and Disc. Math., respectively), others are submitted. Binlong Li will continue to work in academia, currently at NPU.