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Osiris: link to courses in Osiris

If you want to add a link to a specific course from Osiris on your website, the link will automatically timeout after an hour. This happens because of the automatic timeout function in Osiris. Follow the next steps in order to fix this.

Link to the homepage of the course catalogue:
Place a link to www.utwente.nl/onderwijscatalogus (NL) or www.utwente.nl/coursecatalogue (EN).

Link to a course:
fill in the right course code behind ‘cursus=’ and the right study year behind ‘collegejaar=’. If you want to link to an English version, add &taal=en at the end.

NL: https://osiris.utwente.nl/student/OnderwijsCatalogusSelect.do?selectie=cursus&cursus=192350200&collegejaar=2010

EN: https://osiris.utwente.nl/student/OnderwijsCatalogusSelect.do?selectie=cursus&cursus=192350200&collegejaar=2010&taal=en

Link to a registration page: