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Placing news and events with the NEO application in webhare

Please note: this manual is about news/events. For BOZ-departments that place educational announcements, there is a separate manual available: www.utwente.nl/en/webhare, manuals, my.utwente.nl).

Why this application?

With this application, news and events are placed in a central application instead of directly in a website. In the properties of a certain item, you can define which websites need to show an article. This creates an easy way for UT departments to share news items with each other, and also to generate a central overview of events on campus. It also helps utwente.nl to get better rankings in search engines by not placing duplicate content anymore. Showing an item that has been created by another department is only one click away.

Which website can participate?

The following website are connected to the NEO application:

  • Central UT website www.utwente.nl, but also specific sub-locations within the UT website like alumni information, campus, faculties, bachelor- and master information for prospective students, etc. )
  • All four research institutes (including sub-organizations that use the same template).
  • The student and staff portal my.utwente.nl and employees.utwente.nl.
  • All websites that are transformed to the new layout (black menu on the left). 

Every website that has been transformed to the new UT web style can join.

How to use NEO


Go to webhare.utwente.nl and log in using your ICT account (staff or student number). Open the NEO application on your WebHare start screen. NEO is short for News, Events and Educational aanouncements ('onderwijsmededelingen' in Dutch).

The overview screen

When opening NEO, you will see different tabs for the different kinds of items, showing the recently changed items (last 30 days). Click Search to open a search/filter to easily find other items.

The overview screen including the search option:

  1. Use the search to filter the location/website (only show items published on the 'Faculty of TNW' website) or date.
  2. An item with a little arrow has more that one language versions. Click the arrow to show them.
  3. The pen-icon lets you know you are allowed to edit this item. When you open an item, WebHare will show you the owner (website) of an item on the publish tab. Everybody with rights for that website can change the item. Items without pen cannot be edited by you, but you can share them (unchanged) on your website.
  4. Publication status: a green check mark indicates that the item is published. Items that hare not published yet show a red bar (like the first item above).
  5. Home: The home icon indicated that this item has also been published on the central UT website www.utwente.nl. Use button (9) to request placing your item on the the central UT website.
  6. Locations: current publication locations of an item.
  7. and 8) Add: Button to add a new item and to place a translation for an existing item.
  8. Zie 5).

Adding a news item or event

Use the button Add to add a new item. If an item is about a certain day, like a workshop on 3 May, it should be placed as an event. 

In the popup, choose your main language you want to place now, for example English. 

If you add a secondary language later, use the Translation button. Pictures, contact person, location and other language independent settings will automatically be added to your item. You only need to add your title/text.

TIP: Do not forget to create a Dutch version of your item, otherwise it's not visible on the Dutch UT website. If you do not have a Dutch website, you might want to place at least events in Dutch. Then they will show up in the Dutch event overview of www.utwente.nl. Keep languages always strictly separated, never place Dutch content in an English item or English content in a Dutch item. Search engines are very likely to not show your document if the language is not correct.

Fill in the content for your item:

Content Tab

Title: Add a title and a subtitle (optional).
Content: Add the content. The first paragraph (until the first 'enter') should be bold text.
Overwrite standard introduction tekst: Some website (like institutes) show a short introduction text on the news overview page, usually the first words of the item. If you would like to define a different introduction text, you can add it here.
Video in your item: Videos need to be placed on YouTube or Vimeo first, then you can use the film strip button to embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo. For details please see www.utwente.nl/en/webhare --> picture/video --> video.


  • Use Heading 2 for subheadings within your text (short paragraphs are easier to read).
  • Use hard enters between (paragraph ending) instead of soft enters (shift enter).
  • Use the paragraph button  to see what style a paragraph has.

Extra Tab

Schedule [optional]: Our item will be published directly after saving it. If you do not want this, use these settings.
Tags [optional]: For homepage UT: Add tags by typing words (CTIT, ICT, security, etc).
Facebook registration: Is there a Facebook event related to this item? Add the URL of the Facebook event here to create a ‘Join this event on Facebook’ button under your text. This will create additional attention for your item on Facebook.
Location [optional]: Select a building from the list and add a room number to show this information above or under the text. In the new UT website template the selected building will be added as a widget under the text. The widgets contains address information of the building and a campus map download.
Contact person [optional]: If you would like to add a contact person under your item (mainly used by the UT external relations/press department) you can select a person from this list. To add a new name here, contact the M&C service desk, onlinemedia@utwente.nl.

Additional fields for events:
Registration [optional]: You can add a short registration form here to let people sign up for your event. This form works for the new UT website template. The 'registration' button in the NEO event overview gives you an overview of all people who have signed up. You may also want to place a link to a website, a link to a Facebook event or email address under your item for sign up.

General Tab

Link to another article [optional]: Link a news item to an event, to show the link below the article.

Additional fields for an event:
Date and time: Add date and time (or mark it as all day event) of the event. This information is shown above the event.
Event type: Choose one or more categories. These are used as filters on the UT event overview www.utwente.nl/events.

Widgets Tab

If you select a location or contact person, they will be listed here to show you which widgets are shown next to the article (new UT template). You may also add additional widgets from a central repository, for example a campus map widget of a UT video. Examples of widgets in the UT repository are listed on this testsite.

Publish Tab

Owner/editor (1): Shows the website that owns this item. Only the owner can edit it. Others may add it to their own website without making changes.
Publication locations: Use the add button (2) to select the publication locations. Contact onlinemedia@utwente.nl or use the show on homepage button above the item overview in NEO to place this item on the UT website.

A lock in front of a publication location means that this item has been published there, but you are not allowed to change this:

Please note: If you have publish rights for the UT employee portal, there will be a checkbox available to also publish your item there. For the employee portal settings, will be a different manual.

Images Tab

Upload (optional) pictures for your item (1). The first picture is used in news/event overviews and/or above the article. In the new UT template all pictures are shown in a slider above your item. Selecting a picture creates a preview (3).

  • Institute website: Only shows the first picture in the news/event overview. In the future all pictures will be presented.
  • New website template: Shows the first picture in news/events overview and all pictures above the item in a slider.

TIP: Most websites work best with landscape pictures. If you want to add portrait format pictures of small pictures, you can place them in/under your text.  

  • Click OK to save your item.
  • Dubbel click an item in the overview to change it.

About user rights

Rights for the NEO news/events are not linked to the website rights, they can be given separately.

A user with NEO rights:

  • Can see all items (except for protected employee portal items).
  • Can add all items (except for protected employee portal items) to his own website without changing the content.
  • Can add new items to his own website (for example website MESA+).
  • Can ask the central editors to place his items on the central UT website.
  • Can change the main location/owner of a website, if he has rights for the new and the old location (for example MESA+ and TNW Faculty).
  • Everybody with rights for the website that owns the item (see publish tab, first option) can change it. If the MESA+ website is the main location/owner, all users with rights for MESA+ can change it.

A home icon indicates that the item has also been added to the UT website:

The central press team can add items to other website (institutes/faculties etc) if the owner of that website had agreed with this.

For the UT press team

This information is only available in Dutch.