Websites (CMS WebHare)

Access and login

A large number of systems on the UT use the m-number (employees), s-number (students) and d-number (third parties). If you have problems logging in, please refer to our FAQ page.

An overview of the website systems of M&C can be found here, for which an additional account is required:

Webhare for websites

A large number of websites are maintained in Webhare (, both centrally and locally. It is possible to log in with your m-number or s-number, after an account request has been approved by the Servicedesk Online Media of M&C. Once approved M&C makes the account. To log out it's best to exit the whole browser (not just the tab).

Use the form below to request rights for websites.

Student Portal / staff portal

As a student/employee you can login to to personalize your homepage. The author rights are currently very limited (CES, M&C and ICTS). For questions contact the Servicedesk Online Media (

You can use the form below to request for log-in rights for managing a part of This applies for example to BOZ employees who place education notices.

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