A large number of systems on the UT (including WebHare and People Pages) uses the central UT login method: email address (employees), s-number (students) and d-number (third parties). If you have problems logging in, please refer to our FAQ page.

An overview of the website systems of Marketing & Communication (MC) can be found here, for which an additional account is required:


A large number of websites is maintained in Webhare (webhare.utwente.nl), both centrally and locally. It is possible to log in with your email address (employees), s-number (students) or x-number (externals) after rights have been approved by a co-owner of a certain website and granted by the Servicedesk Online Media of MC. To log out it's best to exit the whole browser (not just the tab). Chrome will only log you out after restarting the computer (that's how Chrome works and you can change this in you Chrome settings).

Use the form below to request rights for websites.

STUDENT and staff portals

The author rights are currently very limited (CES, MC and LISA departments). For questions contact the Servicedesk Online Media (onlinemedia@utwente.nl). You can use the form below to request for log-in rights for managing news/events or educational annoucements on the student pages (www.utwente.nl/students) and employee portal (employees.utwente.nl). 

Personal data

Type of request

Manage websites (or intranets)

Many UT websites are connected to the central news and events system. This way, you can easily publish items on many sites. If your site is connected to this system, you will be granted the rights for this.

Your request will be confirmed with the administrator(s) of the site(s) in your request

Managing educational announcements for students

This request will be confirmed with the BOZ coordinator of said faculty (see www.utwente.nl/boz/)

Access to view intranet pages

You can request access to intranets which are protected with a login screen. Please note: S and M numbers use the button as shown below. Please check if you have access before you request rights! 

This request will be confirmed with the administrator of the intranet(s) in your request


If you submit this form, you will automatically receive a confirmation email.