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Cookie informatie for website editors

Some cookies are essential for a website to function, but other cookies are placed by external parties, such as YouTube and Facebook, and are only used for marketing purposes, such as personalizing advertisements. 

University of Twente cookie notification and information for visitors

Users can indicate their preferences in the standard cookie notification at the top of all official University of Twente websites. The underlying University of Twente cookie page provides information on the type of cookies that are used, and gives users the option to block certain types of cookies.

Consequences of not accepting cookies

If you do not accept third-party cookies, some content will not be available. This includes videos from and Facebook content (e.g. to like a page). Some of the website’s other services may also be affected. If content on the same webpage is affected, the visitor will receive a notification. If features such as chat or feedback opportunities are affected, then these features will simply not be available until the cookies are accepted.

What do website administrators need to be aware of

We created an overview of privacy-related key considerations for WebHare users with the implementation of the GDPR in May 2018. There is a section on cookies.