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Finding photos (UT and web)

It's not always easy to find the photos that you are looking for. Here is a number of tips to get you started.

You cannot just use any image found on the internet for UT webpages. Most of the images you can find through Google Image Search are copyrighted (even when it is not specifically stated). It is not sufficient to mention the owner's name. You should always have an explicit permission for use.

Finding UT-photos 

The UT has a number of photos that you are allowed to reuse on websites and social-media channels of the UT. The most important sources for UT-photos are:

Looking for royalty free photos on the internet

You can search for royalty free photos on Google and other specific websites. Doing so will limit the number of the results immensely, but you will still be able to find beautiful photos.

Flickr Flickr is a Yahoo service. A great share of the photos on Flickr isn’t royalty free, but you can limit your search to royalty free photos. Click on Advanced Search below the search field and check Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content in the Create Commons area. The photos will contain information about the conditions under which they can be used for free. 

Google Google indexes all photos on the internet and many of those are not royalty free. After performing a search query, click on Images and pick Tools. Next, you can choose to only show royalty free pictures (free to use or share). (Do NOT choose Labeled for reuse with modification, because you will almost never be allowed to do so with photos. Hence, this would leave you with an even smaller number of results).

EveryStockPhoto Create a free account and find photos.

More sources

This article on TheNextWeb gives an overview of websites that offer free photos.

Paid photos of top-notch quality:

IStockFoto Create an account if you regularly need photos from this site. You can buy credits using a credit card. Pruchasing larger photos generally costs more credits.

Let a photographer take your pictures

Do you want to present your reserach and scientists on your website in their high tech work environment? These picturs are not available online? In some situations, taking new pictures is a good option. The contact information of UT photographers is available in the UT Products and Services overview.