UT-Kring Futsal group

We are a group of about 20 players and play a friendly match every Monday after work. Which team you're in depends on the color of your shirt.

When: every Monday from 17.00 - 18.30 (individual warming up, start at 17.15)
Where: UT sports centre, hall 1

Futsal rules

We play according to the rules of the Dutch soccer association KNVB, using some exceptions. Here is a summary of the rules. Rules 5 to 10 below are exceptions on the KNVB rules:

  1. Each team has 4 players and a keeper. Substitutes may change continuously. 
  2. If the ball passes the side line, we continue with a kick-in. The player involved stands outside the field.
  3. If the ball passes the goal line, the keepers throws the ball back into the game or we take a corner, depending on which team touched the ball before it passed the line.  
  4. You can't score directly if you bring the ball back into the filed (kick-in or thrown in by the keeper). 
  5. A free kick is always an indirect free kick. 
  6. The foul location is the location to take the free kick, unless the foul has been conducted in the goal area. In that case the free kick for the defending team is replaced to a penalty. If the forwarding team makes a foul in the penalty area, the fee kick is taken from the 6-meter-line. 
  7. You may take not more than 4 seconds to bring the ball back into the game or take a free kick. 
  8. For each corner, kick-in or free kick the opponent keeps a distance of at least 5 meters. 
  9. If the ball is knowingly played back to the keeper, no matter which part of the body, the keeper may not touch the ball with his hands. Consequence: a free kick from the 6-meter-line.
  10. Participating and having fun is more important than winning. There is no referee.

Famous past

Our futsal group is as old the UT Kring itself. In the seventies, the famous Abe Lenstra was our coach. Abe was able to get many old internationals to the Christmas tournament and is our most famous honorary member. Members from the seventies claim that everything was better in the good old times. Well, we will never know but probably believe them. Even the partners of the members knew each other very well, people used to go on vacation with each other, built pyramids made of beer bottles until late at night on Mondays... A lot has changed but we still play futsal. And the oldest members still have cool stories from the past to tell!

UT Kring Christmas tournament

Starting 1969, the UT Kring staff association organized a Christmas tournament. Participants usually are: current team members, former team members and external teams like Polaroid, Zuidvogels, TVO de Noabranders of the Twente Flight Base, het Roessingh, Stork, de Bastille, TVTA, het Vlughtelab and more. The past years there was no Christmas tournament, but maybe we can bring back this tradition in the future.

Contact information

Would you like to join? Please contact one of the following people. But please note: right now we have a waiting list and may not accept new members directly. 

Member list (login)

UT employees get access to the member list with their UT account (email address). If you are an external member and need to log in, please contact Anne for login information.