Excursion Singraven

****************** Biologische Tuinvereniging Enschede, 15 August 2017 Drienerlo BTD/17.exc-eng/gp ******************


Dear gardeners,

Singraven is a century’s old country estate splendidly lying along the Dinkel river and close to the village of Denekamp. At the estate one can find many special monumental buildings among which the stately Manor of Singraven, the adjoining Coach House and the old watermill with its three wheels. Singraven offers a versatile landscape with woods, lanes, agricultural fields, meadows, swamps and the everlasting Dinkel river. A perfect goal for an excursion!

In connection with the garden union’s activities the Board of the BTD is organizing an excursion to the Singraven estater on the 6th of October 2017.

Programme on the 6th of October:

10.15 Departure by car from “the Blokhut” of the garden union to Singraven. 11.00 Guided tour in the manor of Singraven. 12.30 Lunch at the restaurant “de Watermolen”. 13.30 Visit on the park and the arboretum. 15.30 Return to Enschede.

The number of participants is limited to about 15 persons in connection with the manor and the park/arboretum tour. For this excursion the order of registration is determining for participation. Those interested in this excursion can register with Charlotte Bijron before the first of October:

E-mail address : c.g.bijron@utwente.nl

Please indicate at your registration whether or not you want to drive and take your car with you.

The expenses for this excursion are: € 20.00

The Board