17 Sept: Farewell Reception Jan van Weers

The Board of the garden association BTD is organizing a farewell reception for Jan van Weers. Since 1970 Jan has been the excellent chairman of our association for 40 years with the exception of two intermediate years. This has to be regarded as a fantastic achievement and of course the Board cannot ignore this wonderful event. Therefore the Board invites you and your partner to be present at his farewell reception.

The reception will take place in the cabin, Saturday September 17 2011, starting at 17:00.

The Board of the BTD appreciates your announcement and that of your partner for being present at the reception by e-mailing or by calling our secretary Charlotte Bijron.

You can enjoy this day even more if you visit the open day of the university. The open day will also be held on the university’s ground on the 17th of September from 10.00 – 16.00 hours.