Workshop: “Be inspired by junk”

In this workshop you can create whatever you like. The starting-point is not result but experiment. Without any pressure you can build and make whatever pops up in your head. Which colours match? What happens when you sand the plastic? Or what happens when you heat it? And because we are making things from trash, it doesn’t matter if we fail at all. It was already trash. There is nothing wasted. Set your mind free!
Elze van den Akker, the teacher, will bring lots of different kinds of plastic but you are of course welcome to bring your own trash.

Workshop laughter yoga

Laugh for no reason. Your brain does not recognize the difference between a fake smile and a real smile. As soon as your mouth corners curl up, your brain produces substances that give you a happier feeling and makes  you really want to laugh. Laughing together brings connectedness, increases your perspective, brings a lot of joy and lightness, when you smile you don't think but you act!

Fake it till you make it!

Laughing is universal. Everybody speaks the same language while laughing. It is a healthy outlet for stress. It is a relief and works contagious. It relaxes your muscles and ensures a greater blood supply. And there are so  many more benefits of laughing. You have fun for nothing….or for something, because what are we really doing while laughing? 

Workshop Djembe/Percussion

This instrument out of West-Africa has a nice timbre and you really have to play it in a group. Besides the technique of different strokes and remembering the rhythm patterns, it is very important to listen to each other. Based on cues you invade or you have to stop. This workshop provides an energetic atmosphere. Everyone can join, no musical experience is necessary.
This workshop is given by Edwin Grovell (known from “the Voice senior”)