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Are you going on vacation, a weekend away or do you need to book an overnight stay? By booking your hotel stay via www.booking.com/supportUTwente you are supporting the University of Twente! Free and for nothing!

How does it work?

UT-startup Booking.com is committed to the University of Twente and will donate 7% of the total booking value of all actually booked bookings via www.booking.com/supportUTwente to the Twente University Fund on a monthly basis.

Twente University Fund uses this income to support the University of Twente and its students and researchers.

The University of Twente is full of talent. Talent that is driven by a passion for technology and the ambition to make a difference in the world. With donations from alumni, employees, private individuals, foundations and companies that support science, Twente University Fund makes every effort to let students and scientists excel and realize societal impact.

The more 'booking' the better!

From now on, arrange your travel arrangements via www.booking.com/supportUTwente. The reservation/booking procedure (also saving points) is identical to what you experience from the regular Booking.com website. Please also ask your family members, friends and colleagues to use www.booking.com/supportUTwente. The more 'bookings', the better for the UT!