Uw gift telt, elk jaar weer!

Tim van Dijk wins the De Breed Kreiken Innovation Award 2016.

The master's student in Industrial Engineering and Management won the award and related scholarship for his study 'Learning how to program for children'. Every year votes can be cast for candidates with appealing scholarship applications via the ‘The Voice of Innovation’ website. The three students/alumni with the most votes receive a scholarship from the De Breed Kreiken Innovation Fund. This is a Named Fund from the University of Twente Fund set up by the consultancy firm De Breed & Partners owned by UT alumnus Loek de Breed. The student or alumnus with the most votes also receives the De Breed Kreiken Award. Second and third place winners, Pim Willemsen (MSc. Civil Engineering & Management) and Ingeborg Bikker (PhD in Applied Mathematics) also receive a scholarship.

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